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Virtual Camp Information

***Recorded in 2020***

***Also part of the Gold Glove Membership***

  • Can’t make an in person camp? Don’t let that stop you.
  • Want to develop your skills from your home…you can!!!
  • Want to rewatch and review, you can do that too!!!

Get access to our pre-recorded camp content immediately and START YOUR JOURNEY NOW!!!

Each Virtual Camp Includes:

  • 2 hour virtual camp followed by
  • 1 hour of Q&A

6 Hours of Total Instruction (with purchase of all 3 camps)

Virtual Camp Content



The three virtual INF camp sessions will challenge all infielders, no matter their age or skill level, to get better and take their game to another level. Players ages 8, to seasoned college or professionals, can participate and/or parents/coaches can join this virtual camp to watch and learn in order to help improve their child and/or their team.

Virtual camp sessions, along with follow-up question and answer sessions, will cover:

  • Practical INF skills and drills
  • Implement advanced INF training methods
  • Teach players how to formulate an advanced training calendar
  • Improve fielding and throwing techniques
  • Teach INF specific fielding posture
  • Introduce and further enhance use of many of the 36 INF footwork patterns
  • Work on improving quickness and body control
  • Implement fundamental flexibility training
  • Introduce and work on mental-game training (6th Tool)
  • Share tips to improve consistency and range
  • Improve INF and overall baseball IQ
  • Ultimately improve confidence which improves game performance

Camp Directors, Nate Trosky and Trent Mongero are seasoned professional INF instructors. Their training methods, models, and systems are proven, helping literally thousands of players play and succeed at the college, minor league, and major league levels.

They are very excited about our upcoming Virtual Infield Camp Series. Both have been coaching and studying infield play for over 25 years and there is nothing we enjoy more than helping players reach their ceiling. We have been blessed with the opportunities to coach some of the world’s best players at both the amateur and professional level, and work alongside some of the best Dominican infielders and Infield coaches in the world. We look forward to your participation at this groundbreaking, one of kind Infield camp!


  • SYNERGIZE: Check-in and get locked-in
  • MOTIVATE: Inspirational and motivational development
  • GET YOUR MIND RIGHT: Defensive mental game training
  • TWITCH: Foot speed / foot quickness training
  • ARM STRENGTH: Small muscle mobility development
  • THROW TOOL: Accurate, repeatable, quick arm development
  • POSTURE / ACTIONS: Perfecting fielding movements & actions
  • GLOVE WORK: Neutral, backhand & forehand development
  • FOOTWORK: 1st step, routes, fielding & throwing footwork development
  • COOL DOWN: Functional movement & flexibility development
  • BASEBALL IQ: Defensive Instinct & IQ development
  • CLOSING: Review, take aways & homework


Camp Format:

  • Players will follow along Coach Trosky as he virtually teaches and demonstrates Infield skills and drills just like he would if your were with him at a Trosky/Mongero Elite Infield Camps held across the country.
  • Coach Mongero will serve as virtual camp director. He will interject questions and key teaching points as they are being covered during the live camps.
  • Both Nate and Trent will immediately be available after the two hour camp for a one hour question and answer session to provide deeper insight into the whys and clear up any misunderstanding. This is an amazing time to improve your baseball IQ!
Players Need For Camp:
  • A safe space to conduct skills and drills (basement, garage, backyard, room over garage, etc)
  • A 10 x 15 space to safely move where you won’t cause any damage or get hurt
  • A wall (i.e, hard surface where it is safe to throw a tennis ball against for wall ball drills)
  • Two tennis balls
  • Baseball glove
  • 1 Baseball
  • A computer, phone, or smart TV in which to view camp as it is taking place live (have charger or battery pack that will last for 3 hours)
  • A note pad or journal to record important information learned, as well as questions to ask afterwards
  • Email (can be parents) to receive important information and links that will allow you to review each camp session or to access camp in the event you have a conflict and can’t participate when it is live.
  • Wear comfortable athletic attire with athletic shoes

Nate Trosky –  Co-Camp Director and Instructor

Nate Trosky is a professional scout, serves and has served as a baseball clinician at various colleges & universities including Stanford, USC, USF, UCSB, Cal Poly, and Santa Clara University. He works with Area Code Baseball and has served as the New Balance Area Code Camp Director and with USA Baseball Break Through Series (BTS) Player Development. He the founder and CEO of Trosky Baseball, one of the top Travel Baseball and College Showcase organizations in the country. Coach Trosky has contributed to over 7,000 players playing college baseball and over 400 in professional baseball, with numerous first round selections, including some of the game’s best players (e.g. Christian Yelich, Nolan Arenado, Joc Pederson, Giancarlo Stanton, Mike Moustakas, Garret Cole, Lucas Gialito, Max Freed, and others). Coach Trosky received All-American and Scholar Athlete awards in college and holds a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership / Youth – Family Development. His baseball endeavors have taken him around the world, coaching in South Africa, Japan, China, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Hawaii, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. Coach Trosky was the head coach of Monterey Peninsula College and coached with the German, Croatian, and South African National teams. He coached professionally in Europe and in three American Minor Leagues. In the German Big Leagues, he won a National Championship as Head Coach of the Cologne Dodgers and was named Germany’s Coach of the Year. Annually, Coach Trosky coaches in the Dominican Republic with top Dominican academies and professional Dominican instructors.

 Trent Mongero –  Camp Co-Director/Coordinator

Trent Mongero is a State Champion and 2017 ABCA National High School Coach of the Year. He is the author of
Winning Baseball, a nationally acclaimed two-book/digital video instructional series. His high school teams have won over 450 games. He is a national clinician and has presented on the main stage at the American Baseball Coaches Convention as well as seven different state baseball conventions. Mongero is a former Division I Conference Player of the Year and member of the UNCW All-Decade Team. He was an infielder in the Braves organization. He is a current Associate Scout for the Red Sox.

Trosky/Mongero Virtual Infield Camps are for serious infielders looking to take their game to the next level. This Camp series covers fundamental mastery and imparts the most advanced details of developing Elite Infield Play.

Advanced Training Methods: Learn how to formulate an advanced training schedule, the 5-Tool & 6th Tool training model, professional fielding and throwing techniques. Participate in posture, quickness, and flexibility training. Take part in mental-game training and actions, glove-work, range, IQ, instinct and reaction training. Let’s Go!

Camp Directors, Nate Trosky and Trent Mongero are seasoned professional instructors. Their training methods, models, and systems are proven, helping thousands of players play and succeed at the college, minor league, and major league levels.

A Note from the Coaches: We are very excited about our upcoming Virtual Infield Camp series. We have been coaching and studying infield play for over 25 years. There is nothing we enjoy more than helping players reach their peak. We have been blessed with opportunities to coach some of the best players at both the amateur and professional level, and work alongside some of the best Dominican infielders and infield coaches in the world. We look forward to seeing you at camp!

Training Principles of Infield Mastery

TTB (Train The Brain): The Brain must be trained just like the fundamental skills of infield play Train the Brian (TTB). We believe strongly in the (95/5) Baseball is 5% Mental and 95% Physical and the 5% Mental controls the 95% Physical. With the Mental Game being critical, we incorporate mental game training throughout the entire camp: in warmup, catch play, drill work, game speed exercises, workout routines, etc.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is real: The body and mind work together. The body seeks to accomplish what the mind thinks and pictures. In order for an infielder to be a play-maker, his mind must be right. Get Your Mind Right (GYMR).

SVT (Sequence Variation Training): SVT is a training concept that teaches infield play through different sequences of game-like movements. The variations of movements and plays are put into sequences and then mastered. SVT begins with predictable movement patterns. Once the predictable patterns are learned through isolation movements and below-game-speed drills, infielders then move into the unpredictable challenge phase of SVT and into the mastery phase of 3RP.

3RP (Read Recognize React Precision): 3RP is the ability to read, recognize and react unconsciously, with precision, within tenths of seconds. Our training methods develop 3RP. The result of 3RP: infielders consistently executing both routine and great play without thought and little effort (Wu-Wei). With 3RP Mastery, average infielders become great, and great infielders become the best!

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  1. Kiley Murphy (verified owner)

    This baseball training is super easy to follow, and I’d recommend it to any and all ages whether you’re just getting started, all the way up to the professional level. Trosky Ranch is top shelf when it comes to quality baseball training both virtually and in person!

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