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Welcome to Trosky’s 6th Tool Nation (6TN), a national movement providing navigation to athletes that desire to live “Above the Line,” on a “Higher Level.” The 6TN is a movement of Intent, Culture, and Accountability; a team of united athletes with the common goal of striving for excellence, both inside and outside the lines of competition. If you long to be a “Difference Maker,” and reach the “Height of your Ceiling,” then join our team and become an elite member of the 6th Tool Nation. We believe greatness lies within everyone, and it is our responsibility to bring it out!


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NEW! Gold Glove Elite Infield Membership

In the works for 30 years, the Gold Glove Elite Infield Membership is a unique platform for infielders and infield coaches looking to take their game to another level! This Gold Glove Membership is about complete player development; the body, tools, and makeup of an elite infielder. Nate Trosky and Trent Mongero have created content that is unmatched. The Gold Glove Membership offers players and coaches access to this content plus….

Weekly Content:

Which includes:

  • Footwork Drill of the Week
  • Infield Workout of the Week
  • Pro Player Analysis of the Week
  • Mental Makeup Development
  • Speed & Quickness Drill of Week
  • Weekly Training Calendar
  • IQ/Instinct Development
  • Baseball Chapel
  • Mental Game Text Messaging from Nate Trosky

General Content:

  • Discounted Product
    • Video Content 
    • Online Tutorials
    • Trosky Ranch Merchandise
    • Infielder’s Training Kit
    • Infield Training Camps

Additional Content:

  • Mongero Infield Throwing Routine (Catch Play)
  • How do Develop a Smooth and Consistent Infielder
  • Personal Player Infield Evaluation (Annual Membership)
  • A Private Facebook Group which will:
    • Share Content
    • A Place to Communicate
    • Provide Video Tutorials
    • Offer Facebook Live Events
    • Include a Once a Month Q&A with Nate Trosky and Trent Mongero
  • 6th Tool Development:
    • 6th Tool Manual (10 Laws of the 6th Tool)
    • 6th Tool Teaching Cards 
    • 6th Tool Audios 
    • 6th Tool Wall Plaque 
    • 6th Tool Wristband
  • Player Development Documents and Videos 
    • The “Infield Script” Pre-Pitch Player Communication 
    • The “10 Reads” of an Infielder 
    • The “DMG4“Four Mental Game Principles that govern the Defensive Game 
    • Infielder’s Identity Card 
    • Infield Jump Rope Routine
    • Infield Yoga/Functional Movement Routine
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J-Bands™ JR. (Ages 12 And Younger)J-Bands™ (Ages 13 And Older)J-Bands™ Elite (Ages 13 And Older)

The brand new Trosky Infield Footwork Mastery includes:

  • 4 Instructional Footwork Videos
  • 12 Total Plays / Variations
  • Footwork Training Cards with Explanations & Diagrams
  • Footwork Description for Each Series

This course will help you:

  • Learn and Master the Footwork of Professional Infielders
  • Learn Advanced Training drills that can be done both at Home and at the Field
  • Learn a Systematic Approach to Advanced Infield play
Infield Footwork Mastery - Baseball Training Package

Videos Coming Soon:

  • Footwork Mastery – Series 2-3
  • First Step Dominance – Series 1-2-3


4 Mental Game Principles that Govern the Defensive Game
GYMR – Get Your Mind Right! 95/5

1. The GOAL – I Don’t Take Pitches Off! The Grinder

Grinders are present, focused and on time, 1 pitch at a time, 100+ pitches per game!

2. The APPROACH – The Situation Dictates! The Rat

Rats are situationally prepared. They dominate the space between (high IQ – high instincts – high return)!

3. The MINDSET – Challenged on Every Pitch! The Dirtbag

Dirtbags expect to be challenged on every pitch. They make the difficult play routine!

4. The ATTITUDE – Making Plays! The Bulldog

Bulldogs play big, big regardless of situation or circumstance, totally released from self-doubt and totally committed to “The DO!”

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Coaches, Players, Parents and Experts Trust Trosky & Mongero

Reasons To Join Trosky Ranch

Trosky Baseball has a reliable reputation and Nate Trosky is known worldwide as a premier infield instructor. Parents, players, college coaches, and MLB scouts say Trosky camps exceed expectations. In addition, Players, Parents and Coaches find Trosky’s infield training to be unlike anything else. He has an amazing ability to mix infield play, 5 tool training and his 6th tool mental game approach. We seek to bring it all together in one place to allow each of you to get better everyday! #Wu Wei #Suave

Proven Results

Trosky Baseball has contributed to over 7,000 players playing college and professional baseball. In addition, Coach Trosky has had an impact on thousands of youth players with their skill development. More importantly however, he has helped with their appreciation for the game and all those around them and also to better understand what being a great teammate really means.

More Player Interaction

Coach Trosky has an amazing ability to engage with his audience. There is nobody like him in baseball! We want you to benefit from all Coach Trosky has developed over the years!

Proper Evaluation

Coach Trosky has developed a unique approach to his showcase camps and continues to strive to develop better evaluation methods, which he works to implement in his camps!

Stay Suave

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