Trosky Ranch Podcast’s

Coaching and Player Development

Trosky Tuesday

Elite Infield and Mental Game Development

Trosky Tuesday is a weekly show with Nate Trosky  and Host Trent Mongero. Nate and Trent discuss a topic of the week specific to infield play. This includes makeup, mental game and overall skills that are important for infielders to learn to develop. This show is a great resources for players and coaches alike. Join us on Facebook live every Tuesday at 8PM EST at to allow for questions throughout.

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Mongero Monday

Coaching and Player Development

Mongero Monday is a weekly show with Host Trent Mongero and Co-Host Tony Hilde. Trent and Tony discuss a topic of the week related to baseball and softball coaching. This show often includes college or professional coaches and offers insight in all apsects of the game. This show is a great resources for players and coaches alike. We host these on Facebook live ( to allow for questions throughout.

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Nate Trosky and Trent Mongero have teamed up to bring to you CPD,” Complete Player Development,BTMBody Tools Makeup; a branch of the Trosky Ranch – 6th Tool Nation! CPD is about information, and transformation. It’s about providing the highest level of insight, to educate parents, coaches, and players in the player development process. CPD is a show dedicated to the aspiring baseball player in pursuit of excellence!

There’s great disparity in what players set out to accomplish, and what they actually accomplish. CPD solves this problem of “Low Ceiling Development!” We believe it’s not a lack of desire, but rather both a lack of education, and a lack of understanding. CPD addresses these underdeveloped topics through the teachings of the “What to Do,” the “How to Do,” and the “Why to Do!” This “Full Circle Approach,” of learning; develops the person, the player, the student, and the athlete. Weekly, Trosky and Mongero and their guests, will uncover the reasons for “Low Ceiling Development,” and provide the answers to Complete Player Development,”

The weekly show features both players and professional guests to contribute to the topics of “Player Development.”

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