Advanced Fall/Winter Off Season Infield Development Program


A Deeper Look At What You Receive –

  • Step by step Monday through Friday advanced training calendar
  • Detailed player “warm up” progression
  • Detailed daily “development” progression
  • Detailed “making plays” progression
  • Detailed ‘Cool down” progression
  • Program focuses on improving fielding footwork
  • Program focuses on improving glove/hand actions
  • Program focuses on choosing hops to improve fielding percentages
  • Program focuses on flexibility with a focus on lower body hip mobility
  • Program focuses on improving athleticism
  • Program focuses on improving eye hand coordination
  • Program focuses on removing mechanical movements of below average fielders
  • Best of all…This program focuses on developing and improving a player’s CONFIDENCE

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Advanced Fall/Winter Off-Season Infield Development

  • Step-By-Step Routines With Matching Video Guide

Note: This is a Digital Product with an accompanying printable training calendar


The Goal. Most players want to reach their ceiling. Most coaches desire tools to help their players elevate their game. Parents relentlessly seek information to help their child improve to increase their odds of maximizing their talents and abilities.

THE PROBLEM… Parent, players and coaches unsure of what to do or how to do it, where to find it, and who to trust.

THE SAD RESULT… Players struggle trying to seek help from coaches, struggle finding effective ways to train their players, and parents are left at the mercy of unprepared coaches or trainers.  It is an endless cycle that leads to below average fielders.

THE SOLUTION… Trust Trosky and Mongero, who specialize in player/coaching development, to create a complete training calendar showing exactly what to do, how to do it, and exactly how many sets and reps to execute…That Is Exactly What We Did! Let’s Goooooo! #BetterEveryDay!!

THE DO! Today, plus today, plus today… equals your future. The Time Is NOW! Once you have this product (which comes free as part of the Gold Glove or Complete Player Development/Coaches Mastery Memberships), you print the calendar, set your phone down in front of you, and simply follow along.  No Coaches, parent, training partner, fancy equipment, or gadgets required!  All you need are a few tennis balls and a small space.  We know this might sound to good to be true, but the fact is, this product puts elite level training for your players right at your fingertips!  MakingPlays!!!


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