Trosky “Mental Game” Cards


Focus on the Do, Hunt Pitches, Get Your Mind Right, Decide/Clear/Breathe/Attack, Focal Point Breathing, 6th Tool and 5 Tool Navigation. Quantity: 20 per pack



Trosky Baseball Ranch “Mental game” cards offer players access to Nate Trosky acronyms used for tool development for each player to keep with them on and off the field. This will help you to “focus on the moment” and to “Get Your Mind Right”, in order to develop as a complete 6 Tool Player. Check out our new “rounded corner” design, making it easy to slide in and out of the pocket. Now you can keep your Mental Game card on you at all times for the mental game reminder!

Card Dimensions:
Width: 3.5 in
Height: 2 in

Material / Description:
Card Stock: Light-catching gloss that complements vivid designs. Made with standard business card stock. The traditional look, with clean 90-degree corners. Now in rounded corners!

Quantity: 20 per pack

Mental Game Card Options:


6th Tool

The DO


DCBA (Gray)


DCBA (Green)

Breathing (Tan)

Breathing (Blue)


5 Tool



Additional information

Business Cards

GYMR, 6th Tool Nation, The DO, DCBA (gray), DCBA (green), Focal Point Breathing (tan), Focal Point Breathing (blue), Hunter, 5 Tool Navigation


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