Hunter Hitting Wristband


Part of the Trosky Hunter Hitting Series


Minimum Limit 5

Buy 10 Get 1 Free

Buy 25 Get 2 Free



The Trosky Big Game Hunter Wristband offers players access to Nate Trosky’s Plan the Hunt, Hunt the Plan Big Game Hunter mentality 24/7!


The dominate hitter is “The Hunter!” The Hunter hits with a weapon, he’s proactive, confident, hungry, determined to eat! He’s on offense, in pursuit, ready to ambush, ready to ATTACK! The Hunter Plans the Hunt and then Hunts the Plan, waiting in the weeks like a lion waiting for a gazelle. The Hunter loads his swing with prepared eyes, in full anticipation of the speed, pitch and location he is hunting, 100% on-time, with his “A+” swing! GYMR!


The struggling hitter is “The Hunted!” The Hunted hits with a shield, he’s reactive, uncertain, trying not to be eaten. He’s on the defense, being pursued, fidgety and insecure of ambush. The hunted las a game plan and clarity, waiting in an open field like a gazelle about to be eaten by a lion. The Hunted loads his swing with unprepared eyes, anticipating multiple pitches and locations, struggling to be on-time and struggling to take quality swings! GYMR!

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5, 10, 25


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