Infield Footwork Mastery Course 2


The Trosky Ranch is the premier location to develop infield and mental game skills. Nate Trosky’s 30 years of observing and learning from the best in addition to his ability to create a unique set of drill series are unmatched. Learn how to develop your infield skills in a fast paced and athletic manor in order to “slow the game” down when you are between the lines! Suave!!!

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The brand new Trosky Infield Footwork Mastery includes:

  • 4 Instructional Videos that can be done ANYWHERE
  • Infield Footwork 12 Sequence Variation Training Cheat Sheet
  • Footwork Description for each series

This course will help you:

  • Master your footwork for every play that you will need to make
  • Hustle while you wait opportunities before or after your practice
  • Allow you to train every play in a fun and sequenced fashion
Infield Footwork Mastery product bundle


4 Mental Game Principles that Govern the Defensive Game
GYMR – Get Your Mind Right! 95/5

1. The GOAL – I Don’t Take Pitches Off! The Grinder

Grinders are present, focused and on time, 1 pitch at a time, 100+ pitches per game!

2. The APPROACH – The Situation Dictates! The Rat

Rats are situationally prepared. They dominate the space between (high IQ – high instincts – high return)!

3. The MINDSET – Challenged on Every Pitch! The Dirtbag

Dirtbags expect to be challenged on every pitch. They make the difficult play routine!

4. The ATTITUDE – Making Plays! The Bulldog

Bulldogs play big, big regardless of situation or circumstance, totally released from self-doubt and totally committed to “The DO!”

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