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Nate Trosky and Trent Mongero have teamed up to bring to you CPD,” Complete Player Development,BTMBody Tools Makeup; a branch of the Trosky Ranch – 6th Tool Nation! CPD is about information, and transformation. It’s about providing the highest level of insight, to educate parents, coaches, and players in the player development process. CPD is a show dedicated to the aspiring baseball player in pursuit of excellence!

There’s great disparity in what players set out to accomplish, and what they actually accomplish. CPD solves this problem of “Low Ceiling Development!” We believe it’s not a lack of desire, but rather both a lack of education, and a lack of understanding. CPD addresses these underdeveloped topics through the teachings of the “What to Do,” the “How to Do,” and the “Why to Do!” This “Full Circle Approach,” of learning; develops the person, the player, the student, and the athlete. Weekly, Trosky and Mongero and their guests, will uncover the reasons for “Low Ceiling Development,” and provide the answers to Complete Player Development,”

The weekly show features both players and professional guests to contribute to the topics of “Player Development.”

Episode 12: Complete Player Development with Steve Springer (11/21/20)

Episode 12 features Steve Springer, Former Major Leaguer and Founder of Quality At-Bats.  

Steve Springer Bio: 

Steve Springer is the former performance coach & major league scout for the Toronto Blue Jays.

After not starting in high-school his SR year, getting cut in college, Springer was drafted by the Mets after a break out sophmore season.

After years in the minor leagues, Steve eventually collected his first major league hit with the New York Mets.

Steve played over 14 years as a professional baseball player and compiled over 1,600 professional hits.

Over 35 years in professional baseball as a baseball player, agent and scout.

He now travels and speaks across the country about the mental side of hitting while working and training with major league all-stars.

He resides in Huntington Beach CA, and is the author of Quality At-Bats and the founder of Quality At-Bats Academy.


Episode 11: Complete Player Development with Tim Hyers (11/14/20)

Episode 11 features Tim Hyers, Current Boston Red Sox Hitting Coach.  

Tim Hyers Bio: 

  • Current MLB Hitting Coach with the Boston Red Sox
  • Former Minor League Hitting Coordinator
  • Former Area Scout for Georgia
  • Played 10 Professional Seasons including in the MLB




Episode 10: Complete Player Development with Nick White and Randon Jernigan (11/7/20)

Episode 10 features Nick White, Current Assistant Coach at Menlo College in addition to Randon Jernigan, current Georgia Bulldog Outfielder.  

Nick White Bio: 

Nick White

  • Current NAIA Menlo College Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator
  • Hitting Specialist
  • Previously Head Coach of the 15U National Team for NorCal Baseball
  • Played at Oklahom Weslyn University and earned All-Region honors

Nick White’s Full Bio






Randon Jernigan

Randon Jernigan

  • Played for Coach Mongero at Glynn Academy
  • Current SEC Outfielder
  • Clocked at a 6.3 – 60 Yard 
  • Made sports center top 10 two times his freshman year at UGA
  • Started in SEC as freshman
  • 2 Sport High School Star


Episode 9: Complete Player Development with Max Gordon and Hayden Lewis (10/31/20)

Episode 9 features Max Gordon, Assistant of Player Development at Driveline, in addition to Hayden Lewis, Nebraska Cornhusker Outfield Commit.  

Max Gordon

Max Gordon Bio:

  • Current Assistant of Player Development at Driveline
  • Former Volunteer Hitting Coach at Michigan
  • Played at Oregon State on the 2013 College World Series Team

Episode 9 also includes Nebraska Cornhusker Commit, Hayden Lewis

Hayden Lewis









Episode 8: Complete Player Development with Corey Rodriguez and Taber Mongero (10/24/20)

Episode 8 will feature Corey Rodriquez, Current Milwaukee Brewers West Coast Special Assignment Scout in addition to Taber Mongero, current UNC-Wilmington Infielder.  

Corey Rodriquez Bio: 

  • Current West Coast Special Assignment Scout
  • Current Area Code Baseball General Manager

Episode 8 also includes current UNC-Wilmington Infielder, Taber Mongero.


-Left handed hitting SS from UNC-Wilmington (medical redshirt sophomore)
-Graduated HS at 138 pounds
-Was Georgia HS  “player of the year”
-Two time Georgia “All-State” SS
-4 year All Region
-4 year varsity starter
-Region Hitter of the year
-Played SS at National power College of Central Florida (JUCO)
-Won a state title in Hs (his senior year) with his dad as head coach.
-Showcase team: 5 Star National (Dobbs)


Episode 7: Complete Player Development with Ken Harring and Mac Lardner (10/17/20)

Episode 7 featured Ken Harring, Current Head Coach at UMASS Lowell in addition to Mac Larder, current Gonzaga University Pitcher.  

Ken Harring

Ken Harring Bio: 

  • Current Head Coach – UMASS Lowell
  • Former Head Coach – Saint Anselm College
  • Former Assistant Coach – Northeastern University
  • Former Minor Leaguer with the Atlanta Braves Organization
  • Played collegiately at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY




Episode 7 also included former Gonzaga University, current Cardinals minor league pitcher, Mac Lardner. Former Trosky 6th Tool Award Winner.

Mac Lardner

Topics Discussed in Episode 7:

Mental Game Acronym of the Week: DCBA = Decide Clear Breathe Attack

Ken Harring

  • Reaching your ceiling as a player?
  • Mental Game
    • Brian Cain Influence
      • Visualization & Breathing
      • Ability to utilize Red, Yellow & Green Light
      • Focal Point
    • Always striving for knowledge
  • Growth of College Baseball in the Northeast
    • Calendar being the same has helped
    • Travel circuit has helped expose their facilities
    • Stony Brook and Kent State run helped with opening eyes
  • Being creative to develop players
    • Raquet ball court usage
    • Wall ball, small groups

  • Challenges and aspirations of his son
    • Size and staying within himself as a baseball player
    • Advice: Be the best funamental player he can be
      • Bunt, move runners, great defense
      • Communicate, talk, lead
    • 5 Tools and Mental Game
      • Travel Baseball Challenges
        • Play more than practice
      • Hitting/lifting 3-4 days a week
      • Defense work is a challenge
      • Mental: Reading:
        • How champions think
        • The Champions Mind
        • Legacy
    • Law of Unintended Consequences
      • 15 Qualities which must be lived daily
    • Mental Makeup and physical challenges before kids get to college
      • Kids rarely play as the “young” guy on the team
      • Compete factor and grind factor
      • Demise/decline of the execution skills
        • Kids can over analyze off Twitter
    • Leadership
      • What are some of the qualities of the best players who come to college
      • Hold Accountable through hard work
      • Ability to communicate and talk without raising voices
      • Ability to pull a guy aside and show them the ropes
    • Recruiting
      • Challenge that an 8th grader knows what they want
      • Should sign an LOI immediately
    • Players who go on
      • Play with a chip on their shoulder
      • Something to prove everyday
    • Advice
      • Don’t discredit any offer

Mac Lardner

  • Mac’s Dogs weigh more than Trent as a player!
  • 10 quick questions


  • When adversity comes, how do you react. The Mac Lardner Story!

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Episode 6: Complete Player Development with Josh Labandeira and Jack Tomlinson (10/10/20)

Episode 6 featured Josh Labandeira, Current Boston Red Sox Scout and former Major Leage infielder in addition to Jack Tomlinson, current Delta CC player.  

Josh Labandeira

Josh Labandeira Bio: 

  • Current Boston Red Sox Amateur Scout
  • Former Part Time Scout with the Kansas City Royals
  • Former Associate Scout with the Houston Astros
  • 6th Round Draft Choice with the Montreal Expos out of Fresno State
  • Former Big League Infielder with the Montreal Expos
  • Manages the Boston Red Sox September Scout Team


Episode 6 also included current Delta CC in Northern California, Jack Tomlinson.

Jack Tomlinson

Jack Tomlinson









Episode 5: Complete Player Development with Ed Servais and Jack Moss (10/03/20)

Episode 5 featured Ed Servais, Head Coach Creighton Baseball and Jack Moss, current Arizona State baseball player.  

Ed Servais

Ed Servais

Ed Servais Bio: 

  • 17th year as Creighton Blue Jay Head Coach
  • 5 NCAA Tournament Appearances
  • Consistently guides one of the top defense teams in the country
  • Two years as assistant Coach at Iowa State University
  • Head Coach at St. Mary’s (Minn.) for seven years



Episode 5 also included current Arizona State Sun Devil Freshman, Jack Moss

Jack Moss








Episode 4: Complete Player Development with Craig Conklin and Jabin Trosky (9/26/20)

Episode 4 featured Craig Conklin, Oakland A’s and Jabin Trosky, Oregon State Baseball Commit.

Craig Conklin

Craig Conklin

Jabin Trosky (@jtrosky5) | Twitter

Jabin Trosky

Episode 3: Complete Player Development with Jeff Diskin (9/19/20)

Episode 3 featured Jeff Diskin, Current Director of Professional Development with the Kansas City Royals.

Baseball - Pembroke Hill School

Jeff Diskin Bio:

  • KC Royals – Director of Professional Development – 2018 – present
  • KC Royals – Coordinator – Cultural Development – 2013 – 2018
  • Pembroke Hill High School, Kansas City, MO – head baseball coach – 2003 – 2013 & 2016 – present; I had to step away from my coaching position during my first two years with the Royals. I was hired back to Pembroke Hill after working two years with the Royals
  • Helping with Dominican Baseball Camp since 2008
  • Taught abroad in Saipan – 1998 – 1999 school year
  • Volunteered teaching in Thailand following 2004 tsunami
  • Taught at Pembroke Hill from 1999 – 2013
  • Asst. Director of Athletics  for 8 of those years: 2005 – 2013

Topics Discussed in Episode 3:

    • “DSL” Dominican Summer League Description
    • 16-17 Year Old Players Dream of Getting Signed
    • DSL Helps Them Grow as Players and People and to prepare them for the rest of their lives.
      • Life Skills
      • English Language Skills
      • American Culture Program
      • Trade School Program
      • Career Transition Program
    • Every MLB Team has an Academy

  • 45 Teams Comprise the DSL
  • 40% of Players Signed make it to the US, 60% are being prepared for life after Baseball
  • Players also Come from Venezuela, Mexico, Panama and others
  • Also send American and European Players to the Dominican so they can Gain Understanding of their Latin Teammates
  • Difference between American and Latin Players/Prospects
    • Latin America does a Tremendous Job of Developing Prospects
    • America does a Tremendous Job of Developing Baseball Players
    • To Play in the MLB, you MUST have BOTH
  • Jeff Diskin strives to help with the 6th Tool (Character/Lifeskills)
  • Throwing Tool
    • Dominicans Throw Year Round but NOT in Competition
    • Dominicans just “Play” but they focus on the 5 Tools
  • Best Athletes ARE Playing Baseball in the Domican
    • Play Catch with Softballs
    • Hit a Variety of Balls
    • Great Functional Strength
      • Rice Buckets
      • Trees
      • Sand
  • Cyclest Example
  • Shocking the System by Throwing different sized Objects which Creates Durability
  • Distractions in America/Phones
    • In Dominican YouTube Videos can sway them from How They’ve Done it Before
  • Typical Day/Schedule in the DSL
    • March: Strength and Education/Computer Skills
    • April – May:
      • 7AM breakfast
      • 7:45AM Meetings
      • 8:00AM Early Work of the Day
      • 8:30AM Team Fundamentals/Pitchers Work
      • 10:30AM Games which last about 3 hours
      • 2PM Lunch
      • 3PM 1 on 1 Work
      • Followed By English and Cultural Classes
    • June – August 20/24th
      • Monday – Saturday with Sunday Off
  • Play Catch Year Round but they LOVE to PLAY
  • How has experience Changed Him as a Coach?
    • Jeff’s Experience has Changed Him as a Coach and Person
    • Latin America they Play Anywhere, Any Field
    • Kids Umpire and Don’t Complain
    • Fluidity as Players
      • Hips and Core/Not Rigid
    • Latin’s Play and Live Out Loud
    • Live in the Moment/Not Worried About What Others Think
    • Rhythm
  • As a High School Coach, his Players have Experienced It
  • Everyone Specializes in the DR, can be Good and Bad
  • Language Barrier?
    • Try to Learn their Culture, You will BE Embraced

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Episode 2: Complete Player Development with Dean Stotz and Tony Castonguay (9/12/20)

Episode 2 featured Dean Stotz, former associate head coach of Stanford Baseball. Coach Stotz was part of College World Series titles in 1987 and 1988 and three national runner-ups. Coach Stotz is now a commentator for the PAC 12 Network.

Stanford baseball coach Stotz calls it a career | News | Palo Alto Online |

Dean Stotz

Episode 2 also included current Kansas Jayhawk Freshman Catcher, Tony Castonguay.

Senior Series: Tony Castonguay finds his baseball heaven in Kansas - Sentinel Colorado

Topics Discussed in Episode 2:

    • Challenge/% Chances to make a Career in Professional Baseball
    • Message Regarding Perspective
    • Tooled Players vs Technique Players
    • Camp vs Showcase Opportunities
    • Self Identification and Self Awareness
    • Coaches Sometimes don’t Only Look at Tools
    • What Coaches are Looking for Related to Character
      • Someone a Coach Wants to Be Around
      • Best Mesh of the Total Part
      • Respect Level Towards Parents, Especially their Mother
    • 6th Tool Seperators (Mental Makeup and Character)
      • Ability to Prepare and the Ability to Try
      • Focus and Concentration
      • Energy Level to Not Give Anything Away/Every Single Day
      • Dealing with Adversity
      • Making those Better who are Around You

  • Players Identity
    • Gives them Navigation
    • Grinder
    • Rock
    • Great Players Play Under Pressure
    • Players/Coaches Understanding Roles 
    • Great Coaches Understand How to Say the Same Thing 20 Different Ways
    • Communication/Dialogue = Player Coach Relationship
    • In Coming Freshman Challenges
      • Time Management
      • Overall Intensity of Everything
      • Prioritization
      • Advice = Try to Prepare in the High School Setting
    • Life as a College Player
    • Growth as a Person and Player
      • Time Management
    • Importance of Faith as a Scholarship Player
    • Journey to Making the Choice on Where to Go to School
    • Advice on Going Through the Recruiting Process
      • Take Your Time
      • Let it All Happen to Make Sure you Find the Right Fit
    • 6 Tool Qualities and Welcoming to a New Team
      • Embrace the New Team
      • Keep Quiet and Work
    • How to Seperate from Other Players
      • Character is Always the Same
      • Stay True to Yourself
      • Trust Your Abilities
      • Know who “you” are
    • Law of “Allignment”
    • VOD = Voice of Doubt
      • KTMTTMT = Keep the Main Thing The Main Thing
      • Voice of Fear – Tension about the Future = Fear
      • Wu Wei
    • Have a Great Process and Trust IT

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Episode 1: Complete Player Development with Jeremy Sheetinger and Kyle Wrighte (9/5/20)

Jeremy Sheetinger - Head Coach - Staff Directory - Georgia Gwinnett College Athletics

Jeremy Sheetinger

Episode 1 featured Coach Jeremy Sheetinger who is the current Head Coach at Georgia Gwinnett College. In his first season the Grizzlies won 22 consecutive games and finished the campaign ranked No. 3 in the NAIA. Ten players received Association of Independent Institutions all-conference recognition. Sheetinger collected his first win at GGC with a road triumph against No. 4-ranked Southeastern (Fla.).

Episode 1 also featured special guest Kyle Wrighte. Kyle graduated from William and Mary where he started four years at shortstop and has since founded The Infield Academy.


Kyle Wrighte

Topics Discussed in Episode 1:

  • Technology advances and how it can be used in addition to the pros and cons
  • Feel vs Real and individuality
  • Addressing the Voice of Doubt
  • Getting to Know your players – Asking Questions of your Players
  • Importance of Classroom Time
  • Where Players Need to Get Better – Competition & Baseball IQ
  • Importance of Context of Drills on Social Media
  • Realization of the Clock Ticking for Players Later in their Career
  • Importance Mental Game
  • Value of Timing infielders – Putting them on the Clock
  • SWDC: So What, Don’t Care Attitude in the Short Term.

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Nate Trosky:

Nate Trosky is a professional scout, serves and has served as a baseball clinician at various colleges & universities including Stanford, USC, USF, UCSB, Cal Poly, and Santa Clara University. He works with Area Code Baseball and has served as the New Balance Area Code Camp Director and with USA Baseball Break Through Series (BTS) Player Development. He the founder and CEO of Trosky Baseball, one of the top Travel Baseball and College Showcase organizations in the country. Coach Trosky has contributed to over 7,000 players playing college baseball and over 400 in professional baseball, with numerous first round selections, including some of the game’s best players (e.g. Christian Yelich, Nolan Arenado, Joc Pederson, Giancarlo Stanton, Mike Moustakas, Garret Cole, Lucas Gialito, Max Freed, and others). Coach Trosky received All-American and Scholar Athlete awards in college and holds a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership / Youth – Family Development. His baseball endeavors have taken him around the world, coaching in South Africa, Japan, China, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Hawaii, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. Coach Trosky was the head coach of Monterey Peninsula College and coached with the German, Croatian, and South African National teams. He coached professionally in Europe and in three American Minor Leagues. In the German Big Leagues, he won a National Championship as Head Coach of the Cologne Dodgers and was named Germany’s Coach of the Year. Annually, Coach Trosky coaches in the Dominican Republic with top Dominican academies and professional Dominican instructors.

Trent Mongero:

Trent Mongero is a State Champion and 2017 ABCA National High School Coach of the Year. He is the author of Winning Baseball, a nationally acclaimed two-book/digital video instructional series. His high school teams have won over 450 games. He is a national clinician and has presented on the main stage at the American Baseball Coaches Convention as well as seven different state baseball conventions. Mongero is a former Division I Conference Player of the Year and member of the UNCW All-Decade Team. He was an infielder in the Braves organization. He is a current Associate Scout for the Red Sox.