Non-Nogotiable Truths of Master Living!

By Nate Trosky/Trosky Baseball

The 6th Tool Nation (6TN)

The world is full of people with unfulfilled dreams.

It’s not because of a lack of talent, knowledge and ability, but rather a lack of self-discipline, self-motivation, and mental-makeup, AKA, “The 6th Tool.” How do we avoid the “Great Disparity” of what people set out to accomplish and what they actually accomplish?

Those that accomplish what they set out to accomplish, “The Masters,” aren’t consumed with the distractions of life. They live by the principle of keeping the “Main Thing the Main Thing,” focused living of Simplifying the Complex!”

The 10 Laws of the 6th Tool are the “Main Thing,” non-negotiable principles that govern “Master Living.” They’re changeless and timeless truths that remain the same. They’re the Laws of the Universe, like the Law of Gravity; the higher you fall, the harder you land; undefiable, undeniable!

As you learn the Laws, challenge yourself to know them like you know your name. Natural, easy, unconscious and spontaneous! Read them, teach them, memorize them, and as you do you will turn knowledge into application and soon become an Elite Member of the 6th Tool Nation!

Better Every Day!

Nate Trosky
CEO: 6th Tool Nation

The 6th Tool Booklet